Sunday Gatherings

We would love to have you come visit us! Our Vineyard gatherings are very informal so come as you are. 

Many people want to know what a Vineyard gathering is like before they visit, and we understand why!  We are a little different at the Vineyard, so it might be helpful to get a bit of an overview of what it is like to hang out with us.

Before we tell you about the actual gathering, let us explain a little bit of the reasoning behind what we do. First, we believe that everything teaches.  From the moment you walk in the front door of any church, you are being taught what they value, what they expect and what they believe.  In most cases, this is marked by friendliness and a welcoming environment.  We hope this is the case at the Nelson Vineyard as well.

So….what is it actually like?  Well, we have a potluck brunch every time we gather.  Everyone brings something to share and we enjoy a meal together for about the first 35-40 minutes.  People show up at various times and no one really cares if it is at 10am (official starting time) or 10:15 or 10:25.  It is no big deal.

At 10:30, we jump into a time of corporate worship. Around 11:00 we dismiss the children (0-4th grade) to head out for some age appropriate teaching and interaction. Then, following a quick coffee re-fill we engage with a time of teaching and discussion around a particular Biblical text and topic. To cap things off we participate in what we call Table Time. It is here that we engage with the text at a deeper level. It becomes a place of dialogue, listening to each other and the Holy Spirit and of hands-on Kingdom ministry. We always say "Come as you are - Leave Different". This, then, is one of the places this gets fleshed out.

Lectio Divina... One Sunday every month, we practice cultivating a listening posture towards each other and the Holy Spirit through the meditative and contemplative posture of Lectio Divina. We arrive with a posture of great expectation that He still speaks, today. 

God Stories... Another way we live out those things that deeply resonate with us is the creation of a time in our corporate space to give testemony of the Holy Spirit's activity in our daily lives. We are excited for the oppotunity to share stories of what God is up to in our lives. Our intention is to see encouragement released and expectation rise up as we pratice "looking for the activity of God" throughout our days, with the anticipation of sharing.

We understand the celebration of eating together or "feasting" as a time of remembrance and an act of longing for what will come.  It is the ultimate reminder that everything in life must find it's center in Jesus.  It is important to us that our teaching leads us to Jesus, that our music leads us to Jesus, that our interaction, our sharing of a meal and our recognition that we are being sent out in the world, all find their center in the person and life of Jesus.  Therefore, if Jesus was willing to share a meal with someone that flat out rejected him, we are confident that he would share his “body” with those who are unsure, learning, hurt, confused, struggling, etc…  Therefore, we say, “let all who want to, come.”

What really resonates with us is fleshed out and "living" on Sunday mornings. Sometimes churches can become all about their gathering times or "services".  These easily become the main focal point. We try to flip that around and have our gathering times point to what really resonates with us.